Our Vastu Expert Mr. Deepak Kumar Saini is a renowned expert in the profession providing an array of Vastu Solutions for all built or about to be designed structures. Having an experience of more than twenty years in the field coupled with the background of a Civil Engineer, which ideally suits our profession, his professional advises are noteworthy. The best part of his advice stems from the fact that he provides Vastu remedies which ensures that any fault in your present structure is taken care of without any destruction to built structures by giving the right solutions for necessary corrections.

With a wide gamut of clientele ranging from individual residence owners within India and abroad to reputed trading companies, multi-national manufacturing & retail units, factories, real estate corporations, professionals, and Corporates like Sony India trusts his expert wisdom.

At Studio 9 Design Center we follow basic principles of his advises and incorporate the same in all our designs. However, based on specific requirements of individual designs of every residence, commercial, hospitality or even healthcare we recommend a direct consultation with him definitely bores better and more effective fruitful results for all our clients who are inclined for availing Vastu expert services and benefits.

His Services Includes:

  • Geopathic Stress
  • Negative IR Radiations
  • Human Aura
  • Vastu Defects
  • GEM Compatibilty
  • Energy Levels of Buildings
  • Advance Vastu Consultancy
  • Vastu for Commercial Spaces
  • Remedies

Our Vastu expert Mr. Deepak Kumar Saini is available on call for consultation at following:


Geosols Consulting Private Limited

A-2/98/2, 1st floor , Safdarjung Enclave,

New Delhi - 110029


+91-9810017549, +91-011-28542804

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